Mid Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival & Light-Up at Chinatown, Singapore

It’s time to light up the lanterns and indulge in delicious mooncakes this September! The Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as the Mooncake Festival) is traditionally known as a time to give thanks to the godly entities. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, on the night of the full moon which falls on Friday, 13 September this year.

There are many folk tales of how the festival came about and one of them was about a beautiful lady called Chang’e who drank the elixir of immortality to save the people from autocratic rule. She was then ascended to the moon as a Moon Goddess after her heroic action. Since then, the Chinese people worshipped the goddess as a sign of appreciation.

In Singapore, the Mid-Autumn Festival is widely celebrated. During this celebration, mooncakes - a traditional Chinese pastry made with wheat flours and stuffed with delicious fillings are consumed as a symbol of appreciation and good wishes for the future. Apart from the appetizing and intricate designed mooncakes, the streets of Chinatown will also be decorated with various light installations that will captivate you.

Be sure to soak in the festivities and stream along New Bridge Road, Eu Tong Sen Street and South Bridge Road where you will be enchanted by the various light displays that will be lit from 31st August - 28th September 2019 from 7pm - 12am (Sun - Thur) and 7pm - 2am (Fri & Sat).

Did you know that Hotel 81 Chinatown, Cosy and Osaka are located along the Chinatown street light up? You can also make a 21mins trip on-board bus no 961 at Eu Tong Sen Street to Esplanade. Alternatively, take the MRT to Downtown Station and board bus no 97, 106 or 33 to go to Gardens by the Bay, two stops later. If you prefer to stay around the Esplanade area, Hotel 81 Bugis is just a 16min walk.

Other Attractions:
Gardens by the Bay (30th August - 15th September 2019)
Featuring a spectacular 120m long floating lantern and cultural performances.

Moonfest at Esplanade (13th - 15th September 2019)
Filled with various activities such as Taishan Shadow Puppetry
performances, nostalgic street opera and Chinese crosstalk.

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